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Research Data Management

A key component within many research projects is the collection and interpretation of a defined range of data. Essential to this process is the requirement, to build into the design of the research project a Data Management Plan. Increasingly most academic institutions now insist that a Data Management Plan is part of any research proposal. Additionally many public and private sector organisations seek to articulate Data Management Strategies, and this includes Tusla. Click here to view and download Tusla’s Data Management Strategy 2019-2022 (Search under ‘D’)

Research Data Management aims to

“maximise the value of research data by ensuring that such data is managed according to good practices for collection, curation, storage, management, retrieval, re-use, sharing, archiving and access, appropriate for the data and discipline concerned and thereby to ensure compliance with the requirements of funding agencies and other stakeholders”.[1]

A range of tools and guides exist to assist you with understanding what is required in building a Data Management Plan as well as testing the effectiveness of your plan. A number of these are described and linked to below;

Digital Curation Centre

Guidance and examples are available to help with data plans. A summary of example plans organised by UK research funders is provided by the DCC. Some evaluation crib sheets, overseas examples and general guidelines are also provided.                                                                                

DMP Tool

Create Data Management Plans that meet institutional and funder requirements.  DMP online helps you to create, review, and share data management plans that meet institutional and funder requirements. It is provided by the Digital Curation Centre (DCC).

DMP Online – Public DMP’s

Public DMPs are plans created using the DMP online service and shared publicly by their owners. They are not vetted for quality, completeness, or adherence to funder guidelines.

Liber Data Management Plan Catalogue

The Data Management Plan (DMP) Catalogue of the LIBER Research Data Management Working Group provides a central hub for DMPs from different disciplines together with quality reviews of the DMPs.

Australian National Data Service (ANDS)

Includes a guide as well as examples of approaches to take.

Research Data Management Toolkit and Life Cycle

This useful tool provides structure to the activities related to research data management. Follow the links in the image to visit a specific step.

UCD Library Research Data Management Plans

Bringing together University resources and services to facilitate researchers in the production of high quality data.

NUIM Maynooth Research Data Management

Requirements for Data Management Plans.

NUIG Data Management Plans

A step by step guide.

Technological University Dublin

Contains an E-Tutorial.


These are the web pages of the University’s Research Data Service. Contains an overview of principles plus video tutorial.


The slides and recorded lectures on this page will explain the basics of good practice in research data management. The contents of the slides and lectures are based closely on material produced by MANTRA, the Research Data Online course produced by the University of Edinburgh.









[1] NUI Galway Research Data Management Policy

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