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Family Support

What is Family Support?

Family Support is a style of work and a wide range of activities that strengthen positive informal social networks through community based programmes and services.  The main focus of these services is on early intervention aiming to promote and protect the health, well-being and rights of all children, young people and their families. At the same time particular attention is given to those who are vulnerable or at risk.

Family Support Services:

Family Support Services are for families and individuals who need help. Family life is not always easy. Life events like birth, death, depression, redundancy, separation, illness, abuse or financial problems all put stress and strain on family life and relationships.

Family Support Services can help.  Simply having someone to talk to about your problem can be the easiest way to begin to deal with your problem. There are many support groups for adults, teenagers, children and carers that give people the chance to tell their own stories and give support to each other. Specialist services provide support for domestic violence or child abuse. Family Support services are generally provided to families in their own homes and communities.

Your concerns are dealt with in confidence by trained personnel who will give the appropriate support, advice and help. Click here to contact your local Child and Family Support Network Coordinator, or click here to see a list of Family Resource Centres in your area.

In cases where a child’s/person’s safety is in danger, social services or the Gardai may need to be informed, but this will be discussed first. If a child is at risk they may move into foster care or residential care.

Whatever your circumstances the Child and Family Agency provide a range of services that offer advice and support to families. This includes family support workers, social workers, youth workers, family resource centres, support groups and counselling services. These types of services help families work through difficult issues, ensure children have a stable environment to live in, and provide support for parents who are finding it hard to cope.

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