Tusla - Ireland's Child & Family Agency


The Child and Family Agency provides funding to voluntary organisations offering the following types of counselling/psychotherapy and support services:

  • Marriage & Relationship Counselling
  • Child & Adolescent Counselling/Psychotherapy
  • Rainbows peer support programme for children
  • Bereavement Counselling and Support

A voluntary organisation is described as being a group providing low cost services to the community on a not-for-profit basis.

Range of services

The Child and Family Agency's Counselling/Psychotherapy funding supports a broad range of national, regional and local organisations offering counselling services. Over 250 are in receipt of funding in 2018. Funding is provided to assist voluntary organisations where there is a genuine need and demand for the services and they can be provided at a low cost to adults, couples, children, young people and families.

The Association for Agency-based Counselling & Psychotherapy(AACPI) represents many of  the larger services funded. For more information see www.aacpi.ie/

In addition these services are also being offered through the majority of Family Resource Centres.

Voluntary Organisations seeking funding

For further information please email commissioning@tusla.ie

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