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Registration and Inspection Service

The Registration & Inspection Service with the Child and Family Agency is a national service with responsibility to inspect and register non statutory children’s residential centres. Non statutory children’s centres comprise of centres who are managed by voluntary organisations and those in the private sector. The Inspectorate was established in 1998 and created under legislation set out by the 1991 Child Care Act, to fulfil two regulatory functions.

  1. For former Health Boards to establish and maintain a register of children’s residential centres in its functional area (see Part VIII, Article 61 (1)).  A children’s centre being defined by Part VIII, Article 59.
  2. To inspect premises in which centres are being carried on or are proposed to be carried on and otherwise for the enforcement and execution of the regulations by the appropriate officers as per the relevant framework formulated by the minister for Health and Children to ensure proper standards and conduct of centres (see part VIII, Article 63, (1)-(3),  The Child Care (Placement of Children in Residential Care) Regulations 1995 & The Child Care (Standards in Children’s Residential Centres) 1996).

These powers have now transferred to Tusla, and the inspectorate sits under the Quality Assurance Directorate.

The Inspectorate is committed to carry out its duties in an even handed, fair and rigorous manner.  The inspection of centres is carried out to safeguard the wellbeing and interests of children and young people living in them.

The Department of Health and Children’s “National Standards for Children’s Residential Centres” 2001 provides the framework against which inspections are carried out and provides the criteria against which centres structures and care practices are examined.

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