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Special Care

Special Care is part of a continuum of State care available to children and young people.

Young people referred to Special Care Services are between 11 and 17 years, very vulnerable, sometimes very challenging, with complex psychological and sociological profiles, high numbers of previous placements which have frequently broken down.

Special Care is short term, stabilising and safe care in a secured therapeutic environment. The aim of the Special Care intervention is to provide an individualised programme of support and skilled therapeutic intervention which will enable the child/young person to stabilise and then move to a less secure placement based on the assessed needs of that child/young person.  Given the restriction on the child/young person’s liberty, a placement in Special Care can only be made pursuant to an Order of the High Court.

Tusla, the Child and Family Agency provide and maintain Special Care Units.

The service delivered in Special Care Units includes:

  • Provision of a short term intervention in a safe and secure environment in which care and specialised interventions, including therapeutic inputs which are focused on the individual needs of the child/young person.
  • Provision of care which assists young people to develop internal controls and reduce risk taking behaviour, enhance self esteem, promote abilities and strengths and the capacity for constructive choice, resilience and individual responsibility.
  • The provision of specialised educational and clinical services which aim to promote the child/young person’s welfare and development.

Further information regarding Special Care Services can be obtained from:

Tusla – Child and Family Agency,
Floors 2-5,
Brunel Building,
Heuston South Quarter,
Dublin 8.
Phone: 01 7718500

E-mail: specialcare.referrals@tusla.ie

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