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Bibliographic Software

Research which is intended for publication, presentation or qualification demands that a precise record be kept of any source (print or electronic) which has been consulted and cited within the research. These ‘references’ are evident within the research both in the form of ‘footnotes’ and substantially as a ‘bibliography’.  In the case of a thesis/dissertation, these references usually have to be recorded/presented within a pre-defined bibliographic style (of which there are a number).

A number of free websites exist which enable you to record (as well as capture information from websites such as Amazon) on Books, Journals, Websites etc, which can then be saved and output as a bibliography in the required style.

The websites also allow you to create ‘folders’ to organise/ record references on a number of different projects.

You will need to register for each website in order to gain a User Name and Password. Once you have obtained these, you can then begin adding references.

Examples are provided below.

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