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What are aftercare services?

What are aftercare services?  

Leaving care requires some preparation. There is a wide range of topics and skills we can learn to help us navigate being an adult in an easier way, from cooking, to maintaining a home, sorting out accommodation and getting a job. At this age, there will also be important decisions to make, related to things you would you like to do such as, whether to go to college, undertake training, work part time or full time and so on. There are plenty of possibilities and plenty of information out there.

This transition can be confusing and emotionally difficult. The aftercare services are there to support you in this pathway, help you develop the independent living skills that you will need to move on and be well-prepared for leaving care.

Who are aftercare services for?

Aftercare services are for all young people that are between 16-21 years old and have spent 12 months in the care of the state with either Tusla or the HSE, between the ages 13-18. Aftercare services will still be available for people up to 23 years old if they are engaged in accredited training or education.

What types of aftercare services are there?

Aftercare services include:  

In-person support

An individual plan

Financial assistance

It is your choice whether to take part of the aftercare services or not. You are entitled to these services but it is entirely your decision. If you say no to begin with, you can still change your mind up until you turn 21 years old. 

Your participation in the assessment of need and the aftercare plan is extremely important and this will agree and layout for you what the aftercare service needs to do to support you into adulthood.

Drop in service clinics, on the other hand, will always be available to you whether you have an aftercare plan or not. There are no eligibility or age restrictions for attending a drop-in service.

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