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Tell me more about the Aftercare grant

What is it?

If you are moving out to live independently for the first time can come with quite a few expenses. You will need to pay for the first month of rent, the deposit and also get some home basics, such as towels, bed lining, groceries, kitchenware etc. This can all be alot to be paid all at once. The aftercare grant is a once off payment designed to support you with these costs. The application to this grant is made through the aftercare worker or a drop in clinic service

What is the eligibility criteria?

You can apply to an aftercare grant if you meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • A young adult who turned 18 years in the care of the Tusla having spent a period of 12 month in care of the Agency between the ages of 17-18 years

How much is it?

The grant covers the cost of a deposit for a new flat and one month’s rent. There is a limit to the amount that is set by the Department of Social Protection and can change over time. The grant may also include an allowance of €300 for buying items you need to get set up in your new home.

How do I apply?

As part of your Aftercare Plan, a Financial Assessment of Need will also be completed which will determine your eligibility for the Aftercare Grant. For more information talk to your aftercare worker or visit a drop in service.

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