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Tell me more about aftercare workers

What is an Aftercare worker?

Aftercare workers are your main support person from Tusla once you turn 18 years of age.  At 18 you no longer have a social worker and the role of support, advice and contact is with the aftercare worker.  Decisions about whether you want or need an aftercare worker is made in the assessment of need.

What can they help me with?

They can help you out with things like:

  • Providing supporting documentation for grants, housing, social welfare or other applications
  • Helping to complete application forms (i.e jobs)
  • Giving advice on entitlements,
  • Arranging referrals to other services when needed,
  • Reviewing your aftercare plan if you have one 

What are Drop in service clinics?

Drop in service clinics are there to give you guidance, advice, support and signposting whenever you think you need it. Any person that has been in care in the past can use the service and there is no age limit or fee to use this service.

Are drop-in clinics only for people who have engaged in aftercare services?

You can use drop in service clinics regardless of whether or not you have decided to use any of the other aftercare services.

How can I find drop-in service clinics?

To find your local drop in service visit: Tusla Website

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