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Tell me more about an assessment of need and aftercare plans

What is an “assessment of  need” and “aftercare plan”?

Preparation for leaving care will begin at age 16 and will include an assessment of your needs with the goal to give you the necessary tools that will prepare you to leave care when you reach 18. The assessment of need identify if you need support in education, money and budgeting, training and employment, housing, or your health, personal and social development, and family matters.

The Aftercare Plan is a personalised plan of action to address those areas you will need support with in the process of becoming independent. The Aftercare plan will completed six months before you turn 18, and it aims to teach independent living skills, address the needs previously identified and any new ones that may have come up, and continue to support you after leaving care.

Who creates the aftercare plan?

You create a written plan with the help of the aftercare/social worker and other key people in your life. The plan will outline the supports needed in areas like, but not limited to, education, employment, health care, accommodation, finance, budgeting and family access and contact. It will also define tasks and responsibilities for both you and your aftercare/social worker.

What happens with the aftercare plan after it is written?

You can start working on the tasks outlined in the plan with the support of the aftercare worker. Then you’ll get the chance to review the aftercare plan every year to check how things are going after you’ve left care. You may want to discuss issues related to your current or future accommodation, additional supports needed, any concerns you may have, whether your aftercare worker or other support services are living up to their responsibilities, and  whether tasks are being achieved, and/or what are the best ways to achieve them.

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