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Early Years Provider Forum

The Early Years Inspectorate has established two provider forums, one for registered providers that operate 1-2 services (small provider forum) and one for registered providers that operate 3 + services (Multiple provider forum)

The primary aims and objectives of the forums are;

  • To support the development of a transparent, robust and quality assured early years sector that ensures better outcomes for children
  • To facilitate the relevant and timely sharing of information to the sector, by providing a forum for communication between the EYI and providers, and to seek feedback, as appropriate, from the sector
  • To update providers on key practice policy and protocol decisions taken by the EYI and to allow for discussion on the implementation of these decisions
  • To provide the EYI with a forum to highlight and inform the ECEC sector, as appropriate, of upcoming and important strategic developments which are likely to have an impact on the provision of service in the sector

You can find Terms of Reference for the forums along with notes of meetings below.

Early Years Provider Forum Terms of Reference 

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