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Early Years Educators

The information in this section is designed to support all those who work in Early Years Services in any capacity. The Early Years Inspectorate recognises and values the work of everyone who works in services across the country and we are keen to provide information and resources that will assist everyone to provide quality support and learning for the children they care for

The Resources for people who work in Early Years Services pages provide access to the inspectorate’s Quality & Regulatory Framework (QRF), the QRF eLearning programme, the inspectorate’s Questions and Answer document, a series of webinars and various other guidance documents and publications,

You will also find a wide range of information and resources including sections on Change in Circumstances applications, notifiable incidents and Feedback and Concerns. You can  also access the register of Early Years services and access to all published inspection reports.

The Department of Education also undertakes inspections of early years services in Ireland. These inspections are focused on the quality of the nature, range and appropriateness of the early educational experiences for children. You can find out more about these inspections on the Department of Education Early years Education Inspections website.

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