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What happens after I make a report to Tusla?

Once a report is received by Tusla the first consideration is always the immediate safety of the child. All reports and information are checked on the day that they are received. Emergency action is taken if it is necessary to protect the child. Some reports may not require the intervention of Tusla and can be dealt with through other types of Services. A lot of children can be kept safe from harm and have their needs met through this wide range of excellent health, education and social supports.             

When a report is received we “screen” or review the information provided to see whether the child’s needs could be met through these other services and if so we direct the reporter to these services. Through this screening process we also consider where children’s needs might be more complex.  Where mandated reports are received by Tusla, the authorised person will arrange for the mandated report to be formally acknowledged – as per requirements of the Children First Act.  Such cases will be required to be allocated to a social worker to begin the assessment process. The purpose of the assessment is to gather and analyse the information about the danger or risks of harm to the child, the factors that are making it harder to keep the child safe, the strengths or safety that is present in the family and the things that need to change for the child and family. The assessment involves meeting and talking to the child, parents, their extended family network and other relevant professionals. Effective safeguarding requires the involvement all those who are naturally connected to a child through personal or professional relationships. When the assessment is concluded there are 2 key outcomes on child abuse cases ie founded or unfounded outcomes.  Tusla Social Workers will liaise with An Garda Siochana on such cases.

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