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Mandated Person eLearning module

Tusla are pleased to launch a new eLearning module for mandated persons. This eLearning module has been developed to provide information on, and understanding of, the role and responsibilities of mandated persons as outlined in the Children First Act 2015.

The key learning outcomes of the Tusla Children First Mandated Person: Role and Responsibilities eLearning Module for the learner are to;

  1. Understand a mandated persons legal responsibilities.
  2. Be aware of the definitions and thresholds for mandated and non-mandated reports.
  3. Know how to make a report to Tusla.
  4. Understand mandated assisting and the process involved.
  5. Understand the mandated persons role to liaise and communicate with Tusla.

This eLearning module will take the participant approximately 60 minutes to complete.

As this eLearning module was developed to continue the learning journey of the mandated person, we recommend that the mandated person firstly complete the Tusla Children First eLearning programme as an introduction to Children First and to the role of the mandated person. The mandated person and all other staff, workers or volunteers may also wish to avail of the Tusla National Approach to Practice – Signs of Safety briefing

Information for Mandated Persons – click here for an information leaflet

If you have any further questions regarding Children First, National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children, or on the Children First Act 2015, please contact the Tusla Children First Information and Advice Service

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