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Seed Funding Initiatives

Under the Prevention, Partnership and Family Support (PPFS) service, Tusla has been assisting areas in exploring and developing children and young people’s participatory practice initiatives since 2016. Tusla has made funding available in 2020 to support new initiatives that require funding in order to progress. Services and areas had the opportunity to submit one or a number of proposals endorsed by the relevant area manager. Tusla’s Child and Youth Participation Strategy 2019-2023 and the Lundy Model of Participation (2007) were recommended for reference when completing the applications.

Tusla Participation Initiatives 2020

Child and Youth Participation Yearbook

From 2016 to 2018, Tusla, with the support of Atlantic Philanthropies, made seed funding available to develop child and youth participation initiatives nationally. Each of the 17 Tusla areas had the opportunity to submit one or a number of proposals and apply for €21,000 per area. Each proposal was endorsed by their Area Manager and their local Children and Young Person’s Services Committee (CYPSC).

The main criteria were, that the ideas came from young people, that the application was aligned to the National Strategy on Children and Young People’s Participation in Decision-Making (DCYA, 2015) and that the initiative fit with the principles of Lundy’s Model of Participation incorporating Space, Voice, Audience and Influence. The successful applicants were young people working with Tusla staff, funded agencies and community partners.

The seed funding sites delivered creative and effective initiatives in their own right but by taking into account the views and vision of the children and young people who use the services, the collaboration surpassed all expectations. We commend the staff and young people involved for their exceptional talent and perseverance.

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