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Designated Liaison Person(s)

Both public and private organisations that are providing services to children should consider appointing a designated liaison person in keeping with best practice in child safeguarding. This person will be the resource person for any staff member or volunteer who has child protection concerns and will liaise with outside agencies. The designated liaison person should be knowledgeable about child protection and should be provided with any training considered necessary to fulfil this role.

The designated liaison person is responsible for ensuring that reporting procedures within your organisation are followed, so that child welfare and protection concerns are referred promptly to Tusla.

The name and contact details of the designated liaison person should be made available to all staff and volunteers working within your organisation. It may also be useful to appoint a deputy designated liaison person who will assume responsibility when the designated liaison person is not available or on leave.

Training for Designated Liaison Persons

Start Dedicated Liaison Person eLearning

Click above to launch Tusla’s Designated Liaison Persons (DLP) eLearning Module. This DLP eLearning module is universally accessible. There is no certificate available for this eLearning. For those who require evidence of completion, it is suggested that you screenshot the completion-page. In order to get the full benefit from this module, you should have already completed the “An Introduction to Children First” eLearning programme, available here

Tusla funded agencies can avail of a blended training, which includes this eLearning module and an additional, certificated, in-person workshop for DLPs. This DLP blended training is delivered with a presumption of prior learning. It is highly recommended that participants have completed Tusla’s Always Children First Foundation Training (or equivalent) prior to Always Children First: blended DLP Training. Places on this blended DLP Training are prioritised for Tusla funded agencies; consideration may be given on a case-by-case basis for other organisations, including government funded organisations.

Tusla funded agencies can contact their local Children First Information and Advice Officer to enquire about the blended DLP Training Programme.

Designated Liaison Persons and Mandated Persons

Some designated liaison persons will be working in organisations where mandated persons are also employed. It is important to note that a mandated person is responsible for fulfilling their obligations under the Children First Act 2015. This cannot be done on their behalf by the designated liaison person.

If you are a mandated person and also have the role of designated liaison person in your organisation, you must fulfil your statutory obligations as a mandated person. If, as a designated liaison person, you are made aware of a concern about a child that meets or exceeds the thresholds of harm for mandated reporting, you have a statutory obligation to make a report to Tusla arising from your position as a mandated person.

While mandated persons have statutory obligations to report mandated concerns, they can make a report jointly with another person. This means that a mandated person can make a joint report with a designated liaison person.

Safeguarding best practice procedures information and support 

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