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Child safeguarding information and training for staff and volunteers

It is the responsibility of your organisation to identify what training your staff and volunteers need and to ensure that they receive adequate and appropriate child welfare and protection information and training. Tusla’s Child Safeguarding Training – What you need to know has three sections to help you with this task:

  1. My Learning Journey – provides guidance the different types and levels of child safeguarding training.
  2. Child Safeguarding Training Needs Analysis Template – provides guidance on conducting a training needs analysis.
  3. Child Safeguarding Training Strategy Template – provides guidance on developing a child safeguarding training strategy.

This document updates and replaces the information in Appendix 9 of Tusla’s Child Safeguarding: A Guide for Policy, Procedure and Practice (2nd Ed.).

Tusla has developed an e-learning training module, An Introduction to Children First, which covers recognising and reporting child abuse, the role of mandated persons, mandated assisting, the responsibilities of organisations working with children to safeguard children using their services, and the role of designated liaison persons. The e-learning module can be accessed here.

Tusla has also produced guidance to assist organisations developing their own specific Children First training. Tusla's Best Practice Principles for Organisations in Developing Children First Training Programmes can be accessed here.

Tusla employs Children First Information and Advice Officers who are available to liaise with voluntary and community organisations and provide advice and guidance on Children First 2017. They can also help with any queries about child protection and welfare training. Contact details for your local Children First Information and Advice Officer can be found here

Additional support – Government Departments:

It is the responsibility of Government Departments to ensure that children and young people are kept safe while accessing services provided or funded by each department. It is also the responsibility of departments to ensure that all staff in the department itself, the sectors and agencies under the remit of the department, and the services funded by the department are aware of and comply with the obligations under this Guidance and relevant legislation. Part 4 of the Children First Act 2015 provides for the establishment of the Children First Interdepartmental Implementation Group. The Implementation Group is a forum for members to raise child welfare and protection issues of general concern, or with a cross-departmental or cross-sectoral dimension across the various sectors.

If your organisation falls under the remit of, or receives funding from, a Government Department, please note that you have an obligation be are aware of and comply with Children First legislation and Guidance. Please see www.dcya.ie for further information

Safeguarding best practice procedures information and support

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