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When can the School Completion Programme provide support?

The School Completion Programme supports children and young people:

  • during the school day
  • during school holidays
  • after school hours
  • When out of school eg. Expelled/school refusing

What can the School Completion Programme provide?

The School Completion Programme provides many supports. They depend on the individual’s needs. Supports include:


  • Homework or breakfast clubs

Support for:

  • One-to-one work
  • Developing social skills

Programmes for:

  • Transitions such as 6th class to 1st year 
  • School holidays
  • Self-esteem
  • Anger management

What do I need to fill out?

  1. A referral form to see if SCP is the right support.
  2. A consent to take part form (if the SCP is the right support).

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