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National School Attendance Campaign 2023 /2024

National School Attendance Campaign Poster Competition 



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Webinar 1:  Launch of Attendance Campaign

Overview from DE & TESS

Input from Dr. Graczyk to include:

  • Introduction to the three-tier model
  • How data can support schools to identify trends and patterns of attendance/non- attendance in schools
  • How to interpret your school’s data

Webinar 2 - Evidence based strategies for promoting attendance

  • Interpreting my data and linking it to three tier model
  • Highlighting strategies for each level of the tiered model
  • Keys messages for schools to share with parents to promote/support attendance (possibly to include supporting an anxious child/YP to attend)

Webinar 3 - Statement of Strategy of School Attendance

  • Reviewing your current statement
  • Using the data from Aladdin/VS Ware to influence the responses at each of the three tiers.
  • Building in evidence-based strategies.
  • Exemplars of statements

Webinar 4 - Creating a Culture of School Attendance

  • Creating a culture which promotes school attendance
  • Building a connection and a sense of belonging with students and families.
  • Inclusive strategies to promote attendance and recognise improvement.




Webinar 5: A Collaborative Approach to Working with Parents 

  • Promoting the importance of school to three key groups:
    • Incoming Junior Infants
    • 6th Class parents
    • Junior Cycle to Senior cycle
  • School as a place to:

    • Build friendships.
    • Personal development opportunities
    • Learning and progression
  • Long terms outcomes of attendance
  • Sharing of resources


Webinar 6: Achieving Regular Attendance in Partnership with Parents  

  • Schools as “Welcoming Places
  • Identifying key school personnel
  • How to connect in with my child’s school? (Communication with teacher, year head etc., Use of technology- Aladdin, VS Ware etc.)
  • Getting off to a good start
  • Explanation of supports available.


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