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Parenting Resources

Parenting is a very rewarding job but one which can be difficult at times, especially when parents are faced with challenging situations. Below are details of a range of resources to support parents from information booklets to parenting courses for those difficult times.

Parenting Positively - Children 6 to 12 years

Parenting Positively also includes a series of booklets focused on supporting parents of children aged six to twelve years old. In addition to a booklet on general parenting skills, aimed at helping parents better understand and support their children’s development, they also deal with some of the more complex life issues facing parents.  They cover themes such as death, separation, domestic abuse, bullying, drug and alcohol abuse. There are booklets for parents to read themselves and there are illustrated booklets for children, written in a child-friendly language, which parents can read with their children to help them through difficult times.

The goal of the series is to provide information and guidance to parents to help create positive, loving and supportive relationships between them and their children and also help parents to be better equipped to deal with some tough situations by offering tools and support.

Support Parents on gov.ie

The Supporting Parents initiative is bringing together trusted, high quality resources in one place, to help you navigate your parenting journey.

Booklets for Parents

These booklets outline how children may understand a particular issue and how you can support them through a difficult time. The first booklet focuses on Parenting Skills.

Booklets for Parents to read with their children

These booklets may help your child to better understand what is happening and help you as a parent to answer any questions he or she might have.

Parenting Positively - Parenting Teenagers

The booklets for parents of teens cover issues such as Teenage Well-Being, Parental Separation, Bereavement, Domestic Abuse and Parental Alcohol or Drug Use.

The booklets are available to download below:

Parenting Positively - Coping with the Recession

Ebook for Parents of both children and teenagers who want to support them cope with the impact of the recession on their emotional well-being.

Click here to read or download Parenting Positively – Coping with the Recession


Teenhelp is a section on Barnardos website aimed at supporting Teenagers and is focused on their well-being and offering support through issues such as bullying, parental separation, bereavement and domestic abuse.

Visit Teenhelp

Parenting Courses

National Database of Parenting Programmes - hosted on the Barnardos website this database of parenting courses, contains details of courses in every county in Ireland.

To search for a parenting course in your area visit Barnardos website here

Lone Parents

Family Links - Steps and Stages - positive pointers for parents who are helping their children to understand their family situation. This booklet was developed by Treoir, the National Federation of services for unmarried parents and their children. 
Click to read or download Family Links.

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