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Quality of Care

The requirements for placing a child in a children’s residential centre and for the running of these centres are laid out in the Child Care (Placement of Children in Residential Care) Regulations 1995.  All Children’s Residential Centres are subject to statutory inspection. The Office of the Chief Inspector of Social Services in the Health Information Quality Authority (HIQA) carries out this function. HIQA inspect and register statutory (Child and Family Agency) children’s residential centres. The Child and Family Agency inspect and register voluntary and private (for profit) children’s residential centres.

The statutory framework which underpins this work in laid out in the Child Care (Placement in Residential Care) Regulations 1995. In addition, National Standards for Children’s Residential Centres (2001) have been in operation and are based on the requirements of legislation, regulation and findings from research.  The standards allow the Inspectors to form judgments about the quality of services provided in these centres.

Areas covered by standards include

  • the purpose and function of the centre,
  • the premises,
  • health and safety,
  • management and staffing,
  • planning and review arrangements for children in care,
  • children’s rights,
  • child protection,
  • education and vocational training
  • health care and health education
  • record keeping
  • exercise of control
  • parental involvement

A  version of the standards is available for Children and Young People.

Reports of the Social Services Inspectorate are available on the Health Information and Quality Authority website www.hiqa.ie

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