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Tusla and the Open Science Agenda

What is Open Science and why does it matter

OPEN SCIENCE is fundamentally a set of principles which have emerged or evolved in relation initially to the process of scholarly publishing, but increasingly over a number of years have also come to apply to data sharing as well as research and knowledge generation and curation. The origins lie in what is described as ‘Open Access’ and more recently ‘Open Data’. It matters because it has a direct effect on we undertake research, collect and share data and take advantage of opportunities to learn and grow, personally, professionally and collectively as an organization.  Already within Tusla a number of initiatives have been launched or are underway which derive from Open Science principles.

Click here to view a brief summary paper which outlines some of the key issues which lie at the heart of Open Science and indicate what more we need to do as an organization.

Click here to view a detailed reference paper which has been prepared for Tusla and examines/explains all of the issues in depth.



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