Tusla - Ireland's Child & Family Agency

Are you a positive parent?




This type of parent:

  • Enables a child to make his/her own choices
  • Makes clear rules and enforces them
  • Rewards children's positive behaviour
  • Is involved in their child's daily life where possible



This type of parent:

  • Has expectations for a child that are too high
  • Does not enable a child to make his/her own choices 
  • Often insults and belittles a child
  • Often ignores good behaviour and excessively punishes a child

Easy Going 


This type of parent:

  • Lets a child do what he/she wants
  • Does not establish any rules for a child 
  • Will give in to a child having tantrums 
  • Provides no structure for a child


(Neglectful/ Rejecting/ Disengaged)

This type of parent:

  • Does not have a close relationship with a child
  • Allows a child to do what they want 
  • Shows little interest in a child's behaviour or aspirations 
  • Does not supervise a child/or arrange adequate supervision when needed
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