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Prepare to register your school age service online.

Registration of School Age Services is an online process.  Payment to register is accepted using all major debit/credit cards.  Please note this is the only accepted payment method, Tusla will not accept any other form of payment such as cheques, bank transfers etc.

Before you start the online registration process you will need to have the following documents saved on your computer and ready to upload. Incomplete applications will be automatically closed after 10 days.

  • Garda vetting/Police vetting for proposed registered provider, person in charge (if different), and, where the proposed registered provider is a corporate body, each director of the body
  • Garda vetting/Police vetting for the “second person”, where the person in charge operates the service single-handedly
  • Two references in respect of the proposed registered provider, and in respect of the person in charge if different
  • Evidence of registration from Companies Registration Office, where applicable
  • Proof of identity of the proposed registered provider (copy of passport or driving licence or Public Service Card are the only acceptable documents)
  • Copy of the Certificate of Insurance or written confirmation of insurance cover
  • Copy of Statement of Purpose and Function
  • Copy of Safety Statement (if applicable)
  • Copy of Child Safeguarding Statement


  • Copy of Policy on Managing Behaviour
  • Copy of Complaints Policy
  • Copy of Policy on Administration of Medication
  • Copy of Policy on Infection Control
  • Copy of Policy on Dropping Off and Collection of Children
  • Copy of Fire Safety Policy.

The following Documents are available to support the registration process.

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Preparing to register your school age service

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