Tusla - Ireland's Child & Family Agency

Child and Family Support Networks (CFSNs)

Supporting families and keeping children and young people safe is everyone’s business. Child and Family Support Networks (CFSN) help families experience services as easily as possible in their own area.

Every area in the country is different, some have more people living there and some have different needs so different types of services will be needed in each area. CFSNs are made up of all of the services in the area that help children and families. Examples of some of these services include social work, schools, public health nurses, family support centres etc.

The local CFSN coordinator is an important person in each of the Child & Family Support Networks. They support the Network, making sure all children’s services stay connected and they also oversee the Meitheal process.

Please click here for contact details of each of the CFSNs.

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