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Child and Youth Participation Training

December 2016 saw the launch of Tulsa’s Child and Youth Participation Training.  Tusla acknowledges that many practitioners and services are already engaged in high quality participatory practice.   The aim of the training is to support an organisation wide culture change, within Tusla and the agencies that we fund, through facilitation of greater child and youth participatory practice and the embedding of such participation in the organisation’s culture, practices and processes. 

Workforce Learning and Development provide regular scheduled training in Child and Youth Participation nationally.  Dates for the 1 ½ day training are advertised through Tusla Newscasts.  Details of the training and application process are outlined below.  We also include a number of testimonials from staff who have attended the training to date.[A1] 

Experience to date has been that the training provides an opportunity for all staff to re-connect with the principles of participatory practice, that place a child or young person at the centre of our work.  Training has also provided a space for the sharing of ideas and trying out of new approaches in a safe and supportive learning space.

I highly recommend this training to all Tusla staff, whatever your role or experience.  Let’s all be part of a significant culture change in our agency!

Paul Fitzgibbon
National Manager WLD (interim)
HR Directorate

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