Tusla - Ireland's Child & Family Agency


The following persons are eligible for information under the Act:.


Category of person:

Information which can be obtained:

A relevant person:
  • an adopted person
  • a person who is, or suspects they are, the subject of an illegal birth registration (pre-1980)
  • a person who was nursed out or boarded out or suspects they may have been nursed out or boarded out (pre-1991)
  • a person who does not fall into any of the above categories but who resided as a child in an institution (as outlined in the Act)

*The applicant must be over 16 years to apply for information under the Act and over 18 years to apply for a tracing service.

All categories of information

A qualifying person

(A qualifying person is a son/daughter of a deceased relevant person)

All categories of information (except the birth certificate)

A qualifying relative

(A qualifying relative is a next of kin of a relevant person where the relevant person died as a child while resident in a mother and baby home or institution)

All categories of information (except the birth certificate)


*please note that persons 16 or 17 years old will not receive information pertaining to incorrect/ illegal/ unlawful birth registration




















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