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Inspection Reports

From the end of September 2015 Inspection reports will be available on this website. The reports available below are from inspections completed from January 1st, 2015 onwards. 

The inspectorate will make available to relevant persons inspection reports which were completed prior to January 2015.  The most up to date finalised inspection report from each centre will be made available upon request to reg.inspection@tusla.ie

Inspection Reports

Report Reference OrganisationDate Issued
CRC 075Solis MMC Childrens Services29th October 2021
CRC 024The Cottage Home Child & Family Services29th October 2021
CRC 180Daffodil Care Services26th October 2021
CRC 163Tus Nua Childcare Services26th October 2021
CRC 030Don Bosco Care26th October 2021
CRC 121Terra Glen Residential Services Ltd21st October 2021
CRC 074Good Shepherd Services19th October 2021
CRC 058Positive Care19th October 2021
CRC 015Positive Care19th October 2021
CRC 095Daffodil Care Services15th October 2021
CRC 102Positive Care15th October 2021
CRC 060Terra Glen Residential Services Ltd15th October 2021
CRC 018Kellsgrange Residential Services Ltd15th October 2021
CRC 099Fresh Start6th October 2021
CRC 107Pathways Ireland6th October 2021
CRC 122Positive Care5th October 2021
CRC 013Gateway Organisation Ltd5th October 2021
CRC 082Fresh Start4th October 2021
CRC 090The Cottage Home Child & Family Services24th September 2021
CRC 068The Peter McVerry Trust24th September 2021
CRC 045Focus Ireland24th September 2021
CRC 007Novas Initiatives24th September 2021
CRC 131Compass Child and Family Service, Ltd21st September 2021
CRC 128Daffodil Care Services21st September 2021
CRC 109Positive Care14th September 2021
CRC 073Positive Care14th September 2021
CRC 059Misty Croft Ltd13th September 2021
CRC 168Pathways Ireland7th September 2021
CRC 002Solis MMC Childrens Services7th September 2021
CRC 192The Peter McVerry Trust3rd September 2021
CRC 138Solis MMC Childrens Services20th August 2021
CRC 187The Peter McVerry Trust18th August 2021
CRC 157Integrated Children and Family Services17th August 2021
CRC 110Positive Care17th August 2021
CRC 003Fresh Start17th August 2021
CRC 141Brighter Futures Ltd11th August 2021
CRC 139Daffodil Care Services11th August 2021
CRC 104Pathways Ireland10th August 2021
CRC 037Daffodil Care Services10th August 2021
CRC 069The Peter McVerry Trust6th August 2021
CRC 036Compass Child and Family Service, Ltd6th August 2021
CRC 160Ashdale Care Ireland Ltd5th August 2021
CRC 140Solis MMC Childrens Services5th August 2021
CRC 161Terra Glen Residential Care Services Ltd28th July 2021
CRC 14924 HR Care Services Residential Division28th July 2021
CRC 181Terra Glen Residential Care Services Ltd27th July 2021
CRC 051Home Again26th July 2021
CRC 031Ashdale Care Ireland Ltd26th July 2021
CRC 183Ashdale Care Ireland Ltd23rd July 2021
CRC 170Galtee Clinic Limited23rd July 2021
CRC 165Daffodil Care Services23rd July 2021
CRC 042Misty Croft Ltd23rd July 2021
CRC 137Ashdale Care Ireland Ltd9th July 2021
CRC 020Ashdale Care Ireland Ltd9th July 2021
CRC 129Terra Glen Residential Services Ltd8th July 2021
CRC 076St. Bernard's Children's Services7th July 2021
CRC 186Pathways Ireland6th July 2021
CRC 178Ashdale Care Ireland Ltd6th July 2021
CRC 115Gateway Organisation Ltd6th July 2021
CRC 150Ashdale Care29th June 2021
CRC 098Fresh Start25th June 2021
CRC 096Three Steps22nd June 2021
CRC 080Compass Child & Family Service21st June 2021
CRC 023Fresh Start10th June 2021
CRC 055Fresh Start7th May 2021
CRC 065Curam Nua Ltd7th May 2021
CRC 112Daffodil Care Services7th May 2021
CRC 021Three Steps6th May 2021
CRC 153Barrog Healthcare30th April 2021
CRC 008Positive Care30th April 2021
CRC 081Homeless Girls Society20th April 2021
CRC 014Focus Ireland20th April 2021
CRC 072New Beginnings20th April 2021
CRC 116Compass Child & Family Services Ltd20th April 2021
CRC 120Fresh Start20th April 2021
CRC 034Yeria Ltd15th April 2021
CRC 177Pathways Ireland9th April 2021
CRC 011Solis MMC Children’s Services6th April 2021
CRC 017Gateway Organisation Ltd6th April 2021
CRC 053Rainbow Community Services6h April 2021
CRC 182Kellsgrange Residential Services6th April 2021
CRC 018Kellsgrange Residential Services1st April 2021
CRC 043Smyly Trust31st March 2021
CRC 041Misty Croft Ltd31st Marrch 2021
CRC 103Daffodil Care Services25th March 2021
CRC 027Daffodil Care Services15th March 2021
CRC 070Peter McVerry Trust10th March 2021
CRC 047Galtee Clinic Ltd10th March 2021
CRC 179Gateway Organisation Ltd10th March 2021
CRC 082Fresh Start9th March 2021
CRC 040Gateway Organisation Ltd9th March 2021
CRC 140Solis MMC Children’s Services9th March 2021
CRC 155Harmony Residential Care9th March 2021
CRC 171Terra Glen Residential Care Services Ltd4th March 2021
CRC 007Novas Initiatives4th March 2021
CRC 046Solis MMC Children’s Services4th March 2021
CRC 028Traveller Families Care1st March 2021
CRC 141Brighter Futures18th February 2021
CRC 176Curam Nua Ltd17th February 2021
CRC 117Positive Care16th February 2021
CRC 135Harmony Residential Care5th February 2021
CRC 147Kellsgrange Residential Services5th February 2021
CRC 157Gateway Organisation Ltd29th January 2021
CRC 064Solis MMC Children’s Services27th January 2021
CRC 100Ashdale Care Ireland Ltd27th January 2021
CRC 146Positive Care20th January 2021
CRC 006Daffodil Care Services20th January 2021
CRC 083Rainbow Community Services19th January 2021
CRC 097Positive Care15th January 2021
CRC 139Daffodil Care Services14th January 2021
CRC 168Pathways Ireland12th January 2021
CRC 049Daffodil Care Services7th January 2021
CRC 086Streetline Ltd7th January 2021
CRC 170Galtee Clinic Ltd6rh January 2021




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