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Ryan* is a sociable and fun-loving three-year-old boy who enjoys good health and has no allergies. Ryan loves cuddles and seeks comfort from those around him;  he loves dinosaurs and sensory play. Ryan is behind in his language development and, for the most part, communicates through pointing, making noises or one-word sentences. Ryan loves his sister Lucy, and they are very close.   

Two-year-old Lucy* is a happy and healthy child and loves exploring her environment. Like her brother Ryan, Lucy is behind in her language development, but her understanding is very good. Lucy loves singing and particularly enjoys  ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ and ‘Baby Shark’. Lucy loves her dolls and is always found with a doll in her arms. Lucy adores her older brother Ryan. 

Ryan and Lucy have been in emergency placement since they came into care in May 2024. They now require short to medium-term foster care in a loving home with an individual or a couple.

For more information, please contact Tusla's national freephone fostering number 1800 226 771 or email tusla.fostering@tusla.ie. More details on Tusla fostering services can be found on fostering.ie


*Names have been changed.

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