Tusla - Ireland's Child & Family Agency

Tusla response to HIQA Inspection Report for Dublin Mid Leinster region

Tusla – Child and Family Agency acknowledges the publication today of the HIQA inspection report on the role of Tusla social workers in monitoring placements of children in care in the Dublin Mid Leinster region.

The inspection found that:

  • All the children had an allocated social worker.
  • Each child had an up to date care plan.
  • Care plans were found to be child centred, comprehensive and informed by the voice of the child.
  • Children and their social workers were found to have a good working relationship.
  • Social workers were found to be sensitive to the individual circumstances of the child and listening and responding to their needs.

Patricia Finlay, Service Director, Tusla said: “We are pleased that the inspection highlighted how children’s voices and views were consulted as part of care planning and reviews, and that care plans were found to be child centred and informed by the voice of the child.

The report also mentions the positive relationships that social workers developed with children, and how social workers were familiar with the children’s views and took them into consideration when making decisions about their care.

Tusla is subject to consistent and high quality regulation and oversight, which is crucial to ensure that our practices deliver good quality, timely and appropriate interventions and services for children and their families.”

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