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Tusla Publishes Review of Accommodation for Victims of Domestic Violence

Today’s publication of Tulsa’s Review of Accommodation for victims of domestic violence marks a significant milestone in the integrated planning for supports and services for victims across the country. 

The review maps existing accommodation provision in Ireland, in the context of current capacity, international standards and the lived experiences of victims and the frontline services that support them. It concludes that there needs to be state planned funding of additional family units, safe homes and support services across the country to meet the needs of women, men and children that are victims of abuse.

The review makes recommendations to inform and guide decision-making on future planning, prioritisation and provision of accommodation for victims, recognising the need for inter-departmental and inter-agency working to meet those needs. 

Bernard Gloster, CEO, Tusla said: “As an agency we are fully supportive of all efforts to provide improved and consistent services for those who have experienced domestic, sexual, or gender-based violence. Over the last two years we have continued to prioritise DSGBV services, increasing funding and working collaboratively with 60 service providers to ensure they were further supported to continue their services through the challenges of the pandemic. 

In the context of the Government’s recent decision to transition services for victims of domestic, sexual and gender-based violence under the Department of Justice, this review will add to the overall effort to further integrate services and it is timely as the Government third Strategy nears completion. Tusla will play its part in continuing to maintain and support services while many changes take place and as the Agency with responsibility for Child Protection & Child Welfare, we will continue to play our part into the future.”



Review of the Provision of Accommodation for Victims of Domestic Violence

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