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Tusla Launches National Child and Family Support Week 2019

Over 100 events taking place nationally from May 13th – 19th to raise awareness about Tusla family support services

Tusla - Child and Family Agency has today launched Tusla National Child and Family Support Week 2019 to promote awareness of the range of family support services that Tusla and its funded partners provide for parents, children, young people and communities right across Ireland as part of its Prevention, Partnership and Family Support (PPFS) programme.

National Child and Family Support Week 2019, which follows on from a successful inaugural week in 2018, will feature a wide variety of events for everyone, from children and young people, to parents, guardians, grandparents and carers. Some of the types of events on offer include family fun days, service awareness and information sessions, and parenting talks covering a selection of relevant topics from speakers such as renowned psychologist Dr Eddie Murphy, sleep expert Lucy Wolfe, and Professor Billy O'Connor, an internationally recognised leader in both research and education in neuroscience.

Tusla proactively supports families across Ireland by providing an accessible, safe and positive pathway through the different experiences that families encounter today. This includes early-intervention support programmes, parenting support networks, and evidence-based parenting guidance.

Positive parenting practices work to create positive outcomes for children and young people. Tusla promotes parenting awareness, information and skills in a range of relevant areas that help to promote optimum health and development in children.

Speaking about the week, Pat Smyth, Interim CEO, Tusla, said “Tusla is proactively supporting Ireland’s families through a range of specialist services and funded partners in communities across the country. Children and families are most likely to do well if they are provided with appropriate support in a timely fashion. Our PPFS programme works with families to resolve problems at an early stage in order to improve outcomes for children, young people and families. If a child or family needs support, Tusla is there to provide assistance. Tusla National Child and Family Support Week provides us with a unique opportunity to create further awareness of the range of supports that are available to families in Ireland.”

On the importance of Tusla family support services, Dr Aisling Gillen, Regional Service Director – West, and National Lead for the Prevention, Partnership & Family Support Programme, said ‘Tusla’s child and family support services play a crucial role in addressing risks at an early stage, while also supporting families and communities to enhance the positive factors in a child’s life, by providing the right help at the right time. When a child and their family need additional supports from a number of agencies, they benefit from the agencies working collaboratively. Through its Child and Family Support Networks, Tusla aims to ensure all families receive easily accessible, appropriate support to meet their needs within their locality.’

To find out more about events taking place this week, visit https://www.tusla.ie.

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