Tusla - Ireland's Child & Family Agency

Tusla Business Plan 2022 Prioritises Wide-Ranging Change & New Resources

  • A New Executive Management Team & Structure
  • Six Tusla Regions Established
  • €925m budget
  • 286 new posts
  • Major ICT Improvement
  • Increased Funding To Community & Voluntary Partners
  • Adoption Information Tracing Staffing Increased 20%
  • A New Therapeutic Services for Children In Care

Tusla – Child and Family Agency today published its Business Plan for 2022, the second in the three-year business planning cycle of the Agency’s current Corporate Plan (2021 – 2023), guided by the priorities of Government, the performance statement from Minister O’Gorman, and approved by the Board. 

Business Plan 2022 details clear and ambitious actions on how the Agency will improve consistency while delivering services more locally to children, young people, and families, and how to strengthen compliance across many areas of regulation against which the success of the Agency is measured. 

The focus this year will continue to be on improving the quality of service, the environment in which staff work, how the public experience that environment, and to improve and build on public confidence across all Tusla services. The scale of focus of the actions set, ranges from child protection to family support, regulation, specialist education, domestic violence, adoption, and inclusion, showing the wide range of statutory functions that make up the work of Tusla.  The plan provides for major additional investment in ICT, Adoption, Frontline Services and revised approaches to Practice. 

Speaking about Business Plan 2022, CEO of Tusla Bernard Gloster said: “When I came to the Agency in 2019, I publicly spoke about the need to change step in the three key priority areas of practice, culture and governance structure. Business Plan 2022 builds on those priorities. With many welcome improvements it is important to recognise that with more referrals to our services than ever, an extremely difficult recruitment and retention environment, we will continue to experience challenges.  What is critical for us is that we identify and are in control of those challenges while at the same time continuing to build on the positive outcomes of major change.  It is our staff and our funded agency partners who will deliver this plan.  Despite the many challenges they face emerging from a pandemic and a cyber attack, they continue to embrace the opportunities to make the services as good as they can be for the children and families we serve.”

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