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Tusla Statement on Registration Requirements for Early Years’ Service Providers

Tusla – Child and Family Agency wishes to clarify the requirements on early years’ service providers in the run up to the upcoming registration deadline of 12th December. These statutory regulations have been in place since 2016, and it is Tusla’s job as regulator to implement these to ensure children are as safe as possible and providers are in compliance with the regulations. We have been working with and supporting providers over the past 18 months, and have actively been engaging with the sector around the upcoming deadlines.

Currently, about 50% of providers have now applied for their registration and we expect to continue to receive applications. However, as with any sector, there will always be a number of providers / businesses who will experience challenges with particular aspects of regulatory processes.

In order to be registered by the deadline of December 12th, only essential documents are required. These are:

  • Garda vetting
  • Two references
  • Certificate or registration number
  • Proof of identity
  • Confirmation of insurance cover
  • Statement of purpose or function
  • Safety statement
  • Signed declaration

The submissions that have been relaxed, and can be submitted up until June 30th 2020 (without affecting registration) are based on feedback from providers. These are:

  • Floor plans
  • Policy on managing behaviour
  • Complaints policy
  • Policy on the administration of medication
  • Policy on infection control
  • Policy on safe sleep
  • Fire certification
  • Planning permission

Speaking about the process, Brian Lee, Director of Quality Assurance, Tusla said: “We encourage service providers to submit the essential documents prior to December 12th to ensure they can continue to operate as normal in the New Year and where they are having challenges to submit the other documents by the relaxed deadline of June 30th 2020.

We always endeavour to be reasonable in our approach and to act with fairness to the sector; however our primary concern is the safety of children. Our aim is for service providers to be registered by the deadline, whilst also ensuring that due attention is been given to the key requirements to keep children as safe as possible. We have been working with and supporting providers over the past 18 months and recently issued a correspondence to providers to further clarify the requirements.”

Tusla has set up a dedicated portal to assist providers. A call back support system was also set up to assist providers with submitting the relevant materials and this support is in place from 9am to 9pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm on both Saturday and Sunday up to the registration deadline date of December 12th

Please email portalsupport@tusla.ie for assistance.

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