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Publication of HIQA inspection report on a children’s residential centre in the West region.

Tusla – Child and Family Agency welcomes the publication of HIQA inspection report on a children’s residential centre in the West region.

Of eight standards inspected, seven were found to be compliant and one was found to be substantially compliant.

The inspection report noted that children in the centre received consistent, good quality care and that their views and interests were valued and promoted by centre staff. Children told inspectors that they felt safe and happy in the centre, and spoke positively about their relationships with staff.

Some of the findings were that:

  • The centre had effective leadership, governance and management structures in place with clear lines of accountability.
  • Children in the centre were supported to access the external supports and specialist services according to their needs, and placement plans are reviewed regularly in order to monitor progress.
  • Managers and staff supported children to maintain contact with their families, and technology had been utilised to maintain contact during Covid-19 restrictions.
  • There was a positive approach to the management of challenging behaviour, which included the use of de-escalation techniques in line with children’s behaviour management plans.
  • The children were very engaged in their education, and their academic achievements were praised and celebrated in the centre.

Speaking about the report, Donal McCormack, National Service Director, Residential Childcare Services, Tusla said:

“We welcome the findings within this report, which highlighted the strength of the relationships between children and staff in the centre. The report also noted the positive relationships between centre staff and the children’s families, carers and social workers. Importantly, the children felt safe and comfortable in the centre, and felt that staff and managers were there for them.”   

While the inspection report found the centre to be either compliant or substantially compliant in all areas, Tusla acknowledges the need for updated policies and procedures, and work to address this is ongoing.

Tusla receives consistent and high quality regulation and oversight, by various external bodies including HIQA. This oversight assists us in ensuring that our practices deliver good quality, timely and appropriate interventions and services for children. Provision of alternative care for some children is very complex due to the level of trauma they have experienced in their lives. Improving the quality of that care set against high standards and regulation is a continuous process, and while we are aware that we have further work to do, the positive findings in this report are most welcome.

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