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Tusla Statement on HIQA inspection report on a children’s residential centre in the Dublin Mid Leinster

17th August 2020: Tusla – Child and Family Agency welcomes today’s publication of HIQA inspection report on a children’s residential centre in the Dublin Mid Leinster region.

Out of eight standards inspected, six were found to be compliant and two were substantially complaint. The inspection report noted the high quality of care received by the children in the centre, including support for educational and training opportunities, and that the health, wellbeing and development of each child was promoted and protected by the staff within the centre.

Some of the findings were that:

  • The care provided to the children staying in the centre was child-centred.
  • Children said they felt safe in the centre and that they felt comfortable talking to staff and discussing any issues they had.
  • Children’s mental and physical health and wellbeing was promoted through direct work with children on relevant topics such as keeping safe during the Covid 19 crisis, internet safety, and physical activity and self-care skills.
  • Children were supported by staff to take part in activities that interested them.
  • Children received good integrated care which was coordinated effectively within and between services. Inspectors found that there was strong partnership work between the centre, other professionals, social workers, parents and families in order to provide integrated care to children.
  • Children staying in the centre were attending educational and training placements within their local communities. The centre supported these placements by providing transport for children where appropriate, and by helping children with homework when staying in the centre.

Speaking about the report, Donal McCormack, National Service Director, Residential Childcare Services, Tusla said:

“We are pleased with the findings of this report, which noted the high standard of care received by the children in this centre. The report also noted that the children felt safe and comfortable in the centre, and that staff were available to talk with the children. Importantly, the children were supported and encouraged in achieving their potential.”   

While the inspection report found the centre to be either compliant or substantially compliant in all areas, there were a small number of areas that required improvement, such as the involvement of children in developing their initial care plans, and improvements required in recording systems, and work to address these particular areas is ongoing.

Tusla receives consistent and high quality regulation and oversight, by various external bodies including HIQA. This oversight assists us in ensuring that our practices deliver good quality, timely and appropriate interventions and services for children. Improving the quality of that care set against high standards and regulation is a continuous process, and the positive findings in this report are most welcome.

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