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As part of our on-going quest to bring health and wellness to all our staff, volunteers are needed from all over the country to work with us to help implement workplace wellness. This would be a great addition to your CV and would suit people who are motivated by helping their colleagues to feel fitter and happier.


  • Do you enjoy talking to others about their interests, hobbies and workplace health tips?
  • Do you love the chance to get to know colleagues and be a role model?
  • Would you like to be involved with supporting the Tusla workforce to achieving better physical and mental health?
  • Are you motivated by improving staff morale and encouraging co-workers to feel better each day?
  • Are you happy to sign up to workplace challenges and lead out on these?
  • Are you enthusiastic and passionate about cultivating a healthy workplace?


  • Sign up to workplace challenges and actively encourage team members and colleagues to join up too.
  • Be a contact person to liaise with the Health and Wellbeing Department around distributing leaflets / posters / promotional information
  • Feedback information for our E-bulletin; try to collect local news stories and interest pieces
  • Gather staff suggestions from your area to relay to the Health and Wellbeing Department


  • Increased satisfaction at work
  • You will be making a difference in your workplace
  • Great to note on CV for promotions / job applications
  • The friendly face of health promotion in your area
  • Increased confidence and development of communication skills
  • Improvement in your own physical and mental health


  • Send us an email to eap@tusla.ie to express your interest in becoming an ambassador or if you need further information.
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