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Employee Assistance and Counselling Service

The EAP phone line remains open to all Tusla staff 24/7 on freephone 1800 817 435. Due to the on-going Covid – 19 crisis counselling sessions will be facilitated by telephone or video link


The Employee Assistance and Counselling Service (EACS) is a national independent service that is available free of charge to all employees of Tusla.

EACS provide the following free and confidential services. These are provided by internal staff:

  • Consultancy to managers on staff wellbeing issues
  • Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM); individual and group staff support following a critical incident & other CISM supports
  • Pre Incident Critical Incident Stress Management training for staff, managers and teams
  • General and group staff support
  • Staff wellbeing workshop
  • Linkage with educational institutions
  • Input into training modules
  • Linkage with other appropriate support services



EACS provides confidential professional support and counselling to employees. This free service is provided to support employees at a time of difficulty with personal and or work related issues. Employees do not need to contact HR or their line manager to access this service. The service is provided across each area, please click here for contacts.

Contact your local Employee Assistance and Counselling Service here. If you require urgent or out of hours assistance you should contact your GP immediately.


How can I access the free Employee Assistance and Counselling Service?

You can phone or email the service in your area directly. You do not need to discuss this with anyone and you can access it at a time and place that suits you. The majority of staff who attend EACS phone directly to the service. 

What Can I Expect?

You will be treated in a respectful manner. You can expect the highest standards of professionalism in a service where your wellbeing is supported at a time of difficulty. All EACS providers are bound by strict standards of confidentiality and a code of ethics as required by their accrediting body.

What happens at my first appointment?

You will meet your counsellor / EAC practitioner and they will outline the process. A consent form relating to the process will be signed by you and the counsellor / EAC practitioner.

How many appointments do I get?

The EAC is intended as a short-term service. If the service is provided by an internal EAC counsellor / practitioner the number of sessions is agreed between you and the counsellor directly. If the service is being provided by an agency, an upper limit of 4 sessions applies. This may be extended to a maximum of a further 2 sessions.  

Is there any charge / do I have to pay fees?

There is no charge or fees that you have to pay to avail of this service.

Are my details given to anyone in Tusla if I am attending EACS?

No. This is a one to one arrangement between you and an independent service. Your details are anonymised from the moment you access the service. There is no sharing of information with management or other services. Your counsellor / EACS practitioner may recommend that you avail of a specific service and will be able to discuss this directly with you in the confines of your session. Notes taken in the course of your EACS journey are maintained in complete confidence. 

How qualified is the person that I am seeing when I attend EACS?

The EACS provided is a quality, accredited professional independent service. Each EACS counsellor / practitioner is required to attend clinical supervision as it is an essential requirement for best practice. Clinical supervision is a formal confidential arrangement with a trained and accredited supervisor. 

Tusla Employee Assistance Programme Contact Details 

086 1438390


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