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Tusla Performance and Activity Reporting Site


The Tusla Performance and Activity Reporting Site and associated Data Catalogue are both key elements of improved capability for Tusla Data Management and have been implemented to facilitate Open data and Data Management developments in Tusla.

This site seeks to improve the ability of Tusla to publish performance and activity data (previously published) in a more modern, interactive and open way in line with current initiatives such as the Government Open Data Strategy 2017-2022. The site seeks to deliver on this strategy by making published performance and activity related data held by Tusla easily accessible in an online format for reuse and redistribution.

This initiative seeks to promote innovation, research, analysis and transparency through the publication of Public Sector data in open, free and reusable formats in line with the goals of the Open Data Strategy.

The data on this website will be updated continuously and Tusla will also seek to publish other approved and appropriate datasets over time in line with the initiative.

The data available on this site is published by the Tusla Quality Assurance Directorate and managed by the National Manager for Performance Reporting. For further details in relation to any published data please see the Tusla Data Catalog

Features of the website are:

  • Full free text search of over 100 unique metrics across 5 different service categories of Tusla.
  • Analysis of data over each year or by year range (Trend Analysis)
  • Grouping and Round-Up of Figures by Time (month, quarter, annual) or by Area (Area, Region, National)
  • Full Open Data Metadata Record associated with each metric.
  • Ability to group charts under each service category or across service category
  • Interactive charts with custom visual tooltips, source data tables and custom footnotes for data exceptions.
  • Export to CSV, PDF or Share URL
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