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A foster family for Lucy

Daniel* is a creative, active, and lovable 8-year-old boy who is currently in need of a long-term foster home in Co. Monaghan or surrounding areas.

Daniel loves being outdoors, and he especially enjoys nature walks in the forest and his twice-weekly horseback riding lessons. He also loves building Lego, doing jigsaw puzzles, swimming, and playing around soft-play areas. 

Daniel is a clever and inquisitive child who, with the support of Speech and Language Therapy and the staff in his current placement, is learning how to regulate his emotions and overcome a speech a language delay. He thrives on one-to-one attention, consistency, and routine and will require time to transition from his current residential centre placement to his new foster home. Due to this and factors related to his complex family background, Daniel would suit a foster carer with no other children.  

Tusla will endeavour to ensure that ongoing supports are put in place to support Daniel in his new foster home.

If you may be interested in fostering Daniel, please contact Tusla's national freephone fostering number 1800 226 771 or email tusla.fostering@tusla.ie and mention Daniel by name.  More details on Tusla fostering services can be found on fostering.ie.

*Daniel's name has been changed to protect his identity

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