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CSS Development and Implementation

CSS Development

To develop a Child Safeguarding Statement, the written statement must include service details, principles to safeguard children, risk assessment, safeguarding procedures, implementation details and relevant person contact details.


Tusla has developed guidance and templates to assist providers of relevant services in the development or review of statements to meet the requirements of the Children First Act, 2015.

Guidance on Developing a Child Safeguarding Statement provides information for organisations required to develop a Child Safeguarding Statement, including an example template Child Safeguarding Statement. This template is also available as a Word document to download and use. However, please note that it is only a sample template and is not a standardised format for a Child Safeguarding Statement.

Tusla's Child Safeguarding: A Guide for Policy, Procedure and Practice can also assist when developing a Child Safeguarding Statement. It is a best practice guide designed to help all providers of services to children and families to develop guiding principles and safeguarding procedures to keep children and young people using their services safe from harm.

CSS Commencement

All relevant services as specified in schedule 1 of the Children First Act, 2015 are required to have an adopted CSS in place within three months of commencement of service activities.

CSS Review

The Child Safeguarding Statement must be reviewed every two years, or sooner if there has been a material change in any of the issues to which it refers. Therefore, all CSSs must be up to date and appropriate for the service currently being provided.

Tusla’s Child Safeguarding Statement Compliance Unit (CSSCU) uses this Review Outcome Form when reviewing child safeguarding statements (CSS) which have been provided to the CSSCU, either voluntarily or in response to a request from the CSSCU. It may be helpful to providers of relevant services, when either developing or reviewing their CSS, to refer to the CSSCU Review Outcome Form to assist them to assess their compliance with safeguarding requirements set out in the Children First Act 2015.

CSS Implementation

The Child Safeguarding Statement sets out an intention to keep children safe from harm and how this will be approached within a Relevant Service. A CSS is always accompanied by additional safeguarding policy and procedures documents. The effectiveness of the intention of the child safeguarding statement to keep children safe from harm requires ongoing implementation of the safeguarding policy, procedures and practices referenced in the CSS.

CSS Relevant Person

A Relevant person is defined in the Children First Act 2015 as a person who is appointed by a provider of a relevant service to be the first point of contact in respect of the provider’s Child Safeguarding Statement. Having the name and contact details of the relevant person clearly identified on the CSS assists the relevant service in being assessable to children, parents or members of the public who may have a query or concern related to the Child Safeguarding Statement or accompanying procedures.

CSS Display

The Child Safeguarding Statement must be displayed publicly and made available to parents and guardians, Tusla and members of the public upon request.

Guidance on Developing a Child Safeguarding Statement

Child Safeguarding: A Guide for Policy, Procedure and Practice

Review Outcome Form 



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