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This page is designed exclusively for students like you, who are curious about the world of social work, social care, and the many support roles that contribute to the meaningful work carried out by Tusla, Child and Family Agency. Whether you're considering a future career in this field or simply want to learn more, we've got you covered!

At Tusla, our mission is to ensure the well-being and protection of children and families across Ireland. Through this interactive guide, we aim to introduce you to the vital role we play in supporting communities and creating brighter futures for those in need.

Explore the pages to find a wealth of engaging content, packed with inspiring stories from our employees who have dedicated their lives to making a difference. Learn about the diverse range of career opportunities available within Tusla and discover the many paths that can lead you to becoming a part of our passionate team.

We've also compiled a wealth of resources, including step-by-step guides on how to pursue a career in social work or social care.

Throughout your journey here, we encourage you to ask questions, share your thoughts, and provide feedback. Your insights and enthusiasm will help us continue to improve this platform for future students like yourself.

Thank you for joining us on this incredible adventure. Let's explore, learn, and together build a brighter future for Ireland's children and families!

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