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      Social Work Return to Practice/International Qualifications Recognition Programme
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Tusla is committed to a vision of families and communities that are empowered to keep children safe and nurtured. We are dedicated to working in partnership with children, families and communities to ensure that children are supported, protected, and connected to people who can safeguard and promote their wellbeing. 

Tusla is growing to deliver on this vision. We are working to ensure that our staff and leaders are supported and empowered to continuously learn and improve so that children, families and communities across Ireland will benefit from our service.

Tusla is looking for people who embody our values and behaviours of trust, kindness, respect, and empowerment. Together we want to build an organisation that is honest, truthful and responsible; that shows care and compassion; that treats people with dignity and fairness; and an organisation that is willing to go the extra mile to help someone achieve their best.

If you would like to join us on this journey and make a difference in the lives of children, families and communities across Ireland please follow the steps below to apply for our return to practice/recognition of international qualifications programme. 

  Social Work Applicants with International Qualifications

If you are applying to register for the first time in the Republic of Ireland with an international qualification, you will be required to have your qualification assessed to determine that it meets the standards of proficiency for registration. Further information can be found on the recognition process here.

  Apply to CORU for Recognition of International Qualifications:



What we Offer

  • A paid path to returning to the workplace as a professionally qualified social worker once sufficient CORU hours have accumulated.
  • A salary of €45,773 as an Professionally Qualified Social Worker
  • Immediate transfer to Professionally Qualified Social Worker salary once the required CORU hours are achieved.

The rolling campaign is over 365 days a year, and interviews are ongoing. So, if you are a professionally qualified social worker who wants to return to social work practice or who has qualified in a different country outside Ireland, simply follow the steps below…

Application Process


Step 2

Once you have followed Step 1 above, and obtained a decision from CORU, click below to apply to Tusla for one of our positions:


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