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Abi* is a chatty and warm 12-year-old girl. Abi has a mild learning disability and has made remarkable progress since coming into care. She has embraced a new way of life, completing self-care tasks herself and has learned how to cook with the support of her carer, and as a result her self-esteem has grown immensely. 

Although she struggles academically, she loves school and is well liked by her peers and teachers. Abi is very caring child and loves to look after animals and younger children.

Have you ever considered how your personal or professional experience could make you a good fit to foster a child like Abi?

For more information, please contact Tusla's national freephone fostering number 1800 226 771 or email tusla.fostering@tusla.ie. More details on Tusla fostering services can be found on fostering.ie

*Abi's name has been changed to protect his identity

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