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27/3/2020 12:30

Due to the large number of users attempting to work remotely staff are experiencing problems getting connected on their phone and mifis.   There are 2 current issues that staff should be aware of

  • A large number of Tusla phones were impacted by an issue on Friday 20th March.  If your phone has not had data connection (i.e. cannot receive email or cannot tether\hop spot your laptop) since Friday you should follow the steps in this guidance doc  Fix phone data connection issue.  You only need to do this once, if you have done these steps already and your phone still does not have data connection then see next issue below.
  • Due to large number of remote users attempting to connect we are aware of an ongoing capacity issue on mifi and phone connections. If you device is not connecting you should leave your device on and not connected to home wifi, it should connect eventually as connection slots free up during the day.  There is no value in contacting the help desk at this time as it is not an issue with your phone, unfortunately it is more than likely just an issue of waiting.  Our partners are continuously working on enhancing capacity to alleviate this issue as best as possible going forward.


Remote Working FAQ

Q: Can I get help with remote working on my laptop, mifi and mobile phone

A: Yes. Contact the dedicated support line for Tusla staff with Vodafone at 1800 855 838 or tuslamobilitysupport@vodafone.com  for any assistance required with your smart phone or mifi . This includes getting assistance in setting up email on your phone or using your mifi to connect your laptop online.


Q: I don’t have a mifi, can I use my mobile phone (tethering or hot spotting) to get my laptop online instead.

A : Yes. Tethering or hot spotting means connecting your mobile phone to your laptop to allow the sharing of your phone’s internet connection with your laptop.  Click here to see a short guide to assist you. 


Q: Can I use my mobile phone to conference in multiple callers at that same time

A : Yes. Once you start a call on your mobile phone with a person you can then conferring in another 3 people to the same call.   Each person on the call can each add another 3 people so there is in effect no limit to the number of people who can join the call.   Click here to see a short guide to assist you. 


Q: Can I get a conference call or conference bridge number I can use to allow people dial into a meeting

A: Yes A teleconference is a conference that is held between people in different locations, using a telephone system. Teleconferencing facilities are available through the Government Networks Conference Bridge http://conf.gn.gov.ie . Click here to see a short guide to assist you. 


Q: Can I get a Teams\Skype account for screen sharing conferencing

A: Yes.  The new name for Skype is Microsoft Teams.  Teams allows you to create a meeting invite that internal and external colleagues can join to share a screen presentation, for example one of the attendees can share their screen to present a document to all other attendees.  Tusla ICT are putting in place a remote assistance team to allow staff to request a Teams account, details will be announced shortly on this help page.

Q: Can I do group or web texting to easily to send a large text messages to a number of people

A: Yes Tusla ICT have put in a place a web text service from Vodafone.  You can write your message and send to groups of 5 at a time.   . Click here to see a short guide to assist you. 


Q: Can I use WhatsApp for Video Call with Service Users

A: Yes. The restricted use of the WhatsApp service is temporarily permitted during the COVID-19 emergency, based on practitioners and other Tulsa users adhering to the privacy measures set out in the guidance document.  Many Tusla phones are now unblocked to allow WhatsApp data traffic,  meaning WhatsApp will always work on your phone even when not connected to home or office wifi. The key privacy measures to be aware of are:

  • Do not allow the option to share your contacts with WhatsApp
  • Do not use WhatsApp for messaging any personal data
  • Do not join any WhatsApps Groups apart from accepting invites from a safety network
  • Set Maximum Privacy Settings
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