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Regulatory Inspection Tool, Regulatory Inspection Report, Factual Accuracy Form and CAPA


Regulatory Inspection

The Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services) Regulations 2016 require the all early years services in Ireland  strive for full compliance across all early years regulations however it is accepted that at present there are areas that require greater focus and attention. Resulting from this, the Child and Family Agency introduced a revised model of Pre-School Inspection.  From 30th June 2016 the primary scope of early years regulatory inspection will be the areas identified as requiring improvement; Governance, Welfare and Safety. Information on research which informed this development can be accessed here

The Inspection Tools and documentation can be downloaded below:

Registered Services

Inspection Tool
All pre-school services are encouraged to review this documentation and evaluate their performance within these thematic areas. 
Inspection Report Template 

The Regulatory Inspection report outlines the findings on inspection based on information obtained through examination of documentation, direct observation, and discussion with relevant staff and presented to the Registration Panel for consideration of a decision in relation to the service receiving continued registration.

Full Day Care or Part TimeFull Day Care or Part Time
Sessional Sessional
Drop In or TemporaryDrop in or Temporary
Follow up Inspection Report Template 

Factual Accuracy 

This factual accuracy form is an opportunity to correct any factual inaccuracies and request a review of any disputed findings in the Tusla Early Years Inspectorate Inspection Draft Report .Please record the details of any proposed Factual Accuracy Corrections and any disputed findings you wish to be reviewed. Evidence must be included to support representation of factual accuracy or disputed findings.  Submissions only accepted on this form (typed) and any supporting documentation to be returned to the Early Years Inspector within 10 working days.

Factual Accuracy Form.  Foirm um Chruinneas Fíriciúil 

Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions (CAPA) Form and Guidance to Address Non-Compliances

This Corrective and Preventive Action Form  is an opportunity for the service to respond to  the inspection report detailing the  corrective actions and preventive Actions (CAPA) undertaken to address non-compliances identified in the EYI Inspection Report. The corrective actions and preventative actions are the defined actions necessary for the registered provider to take in order to address the non compliances identified in the Inspection report in order to meet the regulatory requirements.  There are two components to the Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions (CAPA) Form.

  1. Corrective Action(s):  the action(s) taken to rectify or eliminate the non compliance identified.
  2. Preventive Action(s): A Preventive action(s) is the ongoing action (if any) which are required to ensure that the non compliance does not reoccur.

Guidance Information on completing the CAPA form with a sample CAPA has also been included to assist in completion.

Guidance Notes to assist in completion of the Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions (CAPA) with Sample CAPA.
Template CAPA form for Completetion.

Gníomhartha Ceartaitheacha agus Gníomhartha Coisctheacha (CAPA) chun Dul i nGleic le Neamhchomhlíonadh

This form should be completed and returned by email to the Early Years Inspectors office.

Corrective Actions and Preventative Actions ELearning training Programme.

The aim of this ELearning training programme is to support the Registered Provider to:

  • Have a better understanding of what a Corrective and Preventative Action Form is.
  • Develop a response to a noncompliance using Corrective And Preventative Action (CAPA) process.
  • Have clarity regarding the purpose of Factual Accuracy Form.
  • Develop clear Corrective Actions and Preventative Actions.

Click here to complete the  ELearning training programme

E Learning Training:  Managing Unsolicited Information in an Early Years setting.

The aim of this ELearning training programme is to support the Registered Provider to:

  • Understand what Unsolicited Information is.
  • Identify how the Registered Provider can prepare, manage and respond if an unsolicited information report has been made to Tusla about their Early Years setting.
  • To provide information and to support the development of a complaints policy and procedure for the Early Years setting.

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