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The Irish Constitution acknowledges the role of a parent / guardian as the primary educator of the child and has enshrined in law that a parent / guardian may educate a child in a place other than a recognised school.

Under Section 14 (1) of the Education (Welfare) Act, 2000, children who are educated at home or who attend a non-recognised school - that is a school that is not funded by the Department of Educational and Skills (e.g. a private primary school) - must be registered with the Educational Welfare Services of the Child and Family Agency by their parents/guardians. The registration process requires that an assessment or assessments be carried out to determine whether or not a child is receiving a certain minimum education.

This requirement exists in order to safeguard a child's constitutional and legal right to a minimum education.

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Emer Farrell, Senior Educational Welfare Officer with responsibility for Education Outside of Recognised Schools

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