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Keeping Yourself Safe


Specialised services are there to advise and help you in your difficult situation. However in the meantime, if you are in an violent relationship, a safety plan can help you leave the situation safely and more quickly.


Think about


  • Where you can go to make a telephone call;
  • A safe place where you can stay in an emergency. This may be with a friend or relative, a woman’s refuge, a hotel or a B&B.
  • The telephone number of the safe place;
  • How to get to the safe place. Decide how you will get there at different times of the day and night;
  • The number of a local taxi firm;
  • What to tell the children, and how to tell it to them, when you need to put the Safety Plan into action.



Important Information
  • Your PRSI / PPS or Claim Number
  • Your family’s essential medicines
  • Your Child Benefit Book Number
Useful Phone Numbers:
  • Social Welfare Office
  • Garda Station
  • Housing Department
  • Law Centre / Solicitor
  • Women’s Refuge / Support Service
  • District Court
  • Rape Crisis Centre



Write down




Collect together the following items. Hide them somewhere you can get to them in a hurry.

  • Enough money to get to a safe place by bus or taxi;
  • An extra set of keys for your home;
  • An extra set of keys for your car;
  • Extra clothes for you and your children.

It may be a good idea to put them in a bag and store it with a friend.



Think about where you can find the following items in a hurry. Have a bag ready if you can do so safely.

  • School uniforms and some of your children’s things;
  • Essential medicines;
  • The health board and social welfare require personal identification and evidence to assess your entitlement, e.g.:
  • Any court orders
  • Claim’s book
  • Marriage certificate
  • Bank details
  • RSI/PPS card
  • Medical card
  • Birth certificates
  • Pay slips



Think about




If you can, discuss your Safety Plan with a trusted friend so they can support you if you need to put it into action.

Keep your Safety Plan in a safe place. Ideally, somewhere you can get it quickly if you need to leave in a hurry.



Safety Plan Courtesy to ADAPT Limerick

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