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Domestic, Sexual & Gender Based Violence Services

Domestic and/or sexual violence is the threat or use of physical, emotional, psychological and sexual abuse in close adult relationships.  This includes destruction of property, isolation from family and friends or other potential sources of support and threats to others including children.  Stalking and control over access to money, personal items, food, transport and the telephone are also common examples of domestic abuse.

Such abuse affects people across our society - from all walks of life, from all cultural, social and ethnic backgrounds and across all age groups.  The majority of victims are women, but a significant number of men are affected and abuse also occurs in same-sex relationships.

Domestic and/or sexual violence has severe and persistent effects on physical and mental health, and carries with it an enormous cost in terms of premature death and disability.

If you are experiencing domestic violence there is help available.

Do you ever feel unsafe in your own home? Have your children overheard, witnessed or experienced Domestic Violence? If you need someone to talk to Help is available

Helpline and Crisis Services

Garda Síochána (24 hours)

999/112  or your local Garda Station


Rape Crisis National Helpline (24 hours)

1800 778888


Women’s Aid Helpline (24 hours)

1800 341900


Men’s Development Network

1800 816588


Men's Aid Ireland

01 554 3811


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