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The content of inspection reports are structured under the ten named national standards which are designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the centres adherence to the standard and regulation criteria and any subsequent registration category granted are based directly on findings of the inspection process.

The standards cover the following areas :

  1. Purpose and function
  2. Management and staffing
  3. Monitoring
  4. Children’s rights
  5. Planning for children and young people
  6. Care of young people
  7. Safeguarding and child protection
  8. Education
  9. Health
  10. Premises and safety

Inspections are generally carried out over a three day period and reports are based on a range of inspection techniques including

  • An examination of pre-inspection questionnaires and related documentation completed received in advance of the inspection or in the case of unannounced inspections these documents would be completed on site.
  • An examination of the questionnaires completed by:
    • Centre care staff
    • Young person/people residing in the centre and their families or guardians, and where applicable their advocates.
    • The social worker(s) with responsibility for young person/people residing in the centre.
    • Other professionals e.g. General Practitioner’s and therapists.
    • Educational Placements
  • An examination of the most recent report from the relevant  Monitoring Officer
  • An inspection of the premises and grounds using an audit checklist devised by the Health and Safety and Fire and Safety officers of the HSE on our hehalf.
  • An examination of the centre’s files and recording process.
  • Interviews with relevant persons that were deemed by the inspection team as to having a bona fida interest in the operation of the centre including but not exclusively

    • The centre  management
    • Centre staff
    • Young People
    • The Monitoring Officer    
    • Parents and guardians
  • Observations of care practices routines and the staff/ young person’s interactions.

Under each standard a number of “Required Action” may be detailed.  These actions relate directly to the standards criteria and regulationary requirements and must be addressed by the proprietor and centre management.

The centre management are expected to complete a detailed response and timetable of their proposed actions in response to the findings of their report.  It is possible for a centre to be found non compliant with certain regulations and standards at inspection, but to have addressed the required actions immediately post inspection. All actions plans and more importantly their implementation are assessed by inspectors and are not agreed until they are deemed appropriate, robust and sufficient to meet the identified shortfalls.

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